Sommerschule zu verschiedenen Theorieschulen

Auf der Sommerschule wird es 9 Workshops geben zu Themen wie Feministischer Ökonomik, Ökologischer Ökonomik oder Komplexitätsökonomik. Wenn ihr Interesse habt, meldet euch bald an!
Mehr Infos gibt es hier:

Beschreibung: We live in times of unrest. Climate change and environmental destruction; the crisis of the European Union and the rise of right-wing populism; concentration of wealth and casualization, tax evasion and youth unemployment – today’s world is in a mess. Contemporary political and societal challenges demand answers from economics. But predominant economic teaching remains indifferent. Instead of offering smart solutions and fresh ideas, economists continue to work on the same intellectual fields as in past decades: growth and productivity, efficiency and rationality, equilibrium and exogeneous shocks. The pressing issues of our time remain in the dark: finite resources, pollution of the environment, equality of opportunity, global power structures, models of a good life. We are here to change that. And this is why we organise this summer academy. We want to think outside the box and widen our view for new and different perspectives on the economy. We want to bring together people with different backgrounds and perspectives and develop a more detailed understanding for the foundations and limitations of economics. Because our world is more complex, than what one theory alone could grasp.