Pluralist Lecture Series: Cultural Economy and Surveillance Capitalism (Lecture 4)

Important note: As next Thursday is a public holiday, this week’s lecture will already take place on Wednesday.

Last week, Prof. Claudia Kemfert gave us insights on different models of climate and energy economics. This week, we are happy to welcome Prof. Armin Beverungen with his lecture “Cultural Economy and Surveillance Capitalism”

The lecture will introduce a cultural economy perspective to highlight the contributions cultural studies can make to the study of economy, beyond debates around the „culturalization“ of the economy and the „economization“ of culture. It will then proceed to explore Shoshana Zuboff’s theses on surveillance capitalism and discuss how it can support cultural analyses of digital capitalism.

When? 12th of May at 6.15 pm

Where? Zoom via  or ID: 874 1049 8275  PW: 624074

Literature: If you are further interested in Surveillance Capitalism we recommend chapter 3 of Shoshana Zuboff’s book “The age of surveillance capitalism” which is available as an e-Book in German language or a print in English at the Leuphana library.