Pluralistic Lecture Series: Marxist and Political Economy (Lecture 5)

Important note: This week, the lecture will be on a Wednesday again.

In the fifth lecture, Ben Trott will provide an introduction to Marx’s thought and to his critique of political economy. It is open to all but primarily aimed at those with little prior knowledge of Marx.

The lecture will set some of his ideas in the political, economic, social and intellectual context in which they emerged and introduce Marx’s materialist philosophy, his critique of idealism, his account of the relationship between what he famously called the economic base of society and the political and ideological superstructure (as well as the ways in which this relationship has been complicated by subsequent Marxist thinkers), his understanding of alienation in capitalist societies, his conception of communism, and what Marx himself once described as the core of his critique of political economy – namely, his notions of abstract and concrete labour as well as his theory of ‘surplus value’.

When? Wednesday, 19th of May at 6.15 pm 

Where? Zoom via  or via ID: 874 1049 8275 (pw: 624074)

Literature: A good introduction to Marx’s Capital can be found at the Leuphana library as printed book.