Pluralist Lecture Series: Modern Monetary Theory (final Lecture)

Today, our lecture series „Economics and beyond“ will sadly come to an end – but it will once again be really interesting!

We will talk about Modern Monetary Theory, a rather new movement in economics, which strongly influences the academic discourse on fiscal deficits especially in the USA.

We will have one of the best-known German experts, Dr. Dirk Ehnts, who will introduce us to MMT. Afterward, we will – as always – have a final discussion.

As we want to get a little feedback as well, we are closing our lecture series with a look back on the past three months and on what we have learned.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

When? 1st of July at 6.15 pm
Where? Zoom via or via ID: 874 1049 8275 PW: 624074