Internalizing externalities: a solution for sustainability or the serpent eating its own tail?

How to crisis lecture 2: internalizing externalities

After our kick-off lecture with Steffen Lange we will now moeve on with our lecture series and stay in the field of environmental economics! 🌿

We invited Dave Abson to dicuss the topic of internalizing externalities.
According to Dave it will be a „possibly rambling, probably obscure, but hopefully entertaining and mildly informative discussion on the notion of environmental externalities in economic thought. The talk will range from the conceptual foundations of environmental externalities through the underpinning assumptions from which the idea arises, the ethical and practical problems of its application and its implications for sustainable (or not resource use). For reasons probably best not explained here, there will also be mentions of world eating serpents.“ 🌏🐍

This sparked your interest? ✨
We are looking forward to welcome you!

When? Tuesday, 25. 04.2023 at 18 o’clock
Where? in HS 5 or online via zoom

See you on Tuesday! 🕊

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